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Intelligence Assessments

Also known as cognitive assessments, these assessments may be requested for academic, employment, or personal reasons.

Autism Assessments

Early intervention has been shown to lead to beneficial outcome. If you believe your child may have Autism, the first step is to speak with your pediatrician or family doctor about your concerns. They may arrange or recommend that your child undergo an assessment to determine whether an official diagnosis can be made. If government funding (FSCD) is not available for your child, please feel free to consult with us regarding private autism assessment.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

These assessments help us to understand an individual's unique strengths and competencies in the following areas: 



Cognitive abilities

Math (facts and reasoning)

Written Language (spelling, grammar, organization)
Other behavioral, social, or emotional factors

(these may be interfering with learning or achievement)


If you are interested in the above, please contact us via email.

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