Vanessa S. Watson (Foley)

 Registered  Psychologist

Vanessa is a Registered Psychologist with Aspire Psychological Services. Vanessa provides psychotherapy to adults, children, and couples in the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County area.


Vanessa has extensive experience in disability supports, especially as it relates to employment and career consulting.Vanessa has a passion for working with adults and children experiencing anxiety and depression. Vanessa is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which has allowed her to focus on assisting individuals in recognizing their unhelpful thinking patterns and to employ more helpful and enriching thinking patterns.


Vanessa has completed training with the Gottman Institute for couples therapists. This training has allowed her to help couples find their way back to a happy and enriching relationship experience. 

Currently, Vanessa has a special interest in working with individuals with anger management struggles. Vanessa has developed and facilitated an anger management workshop in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Additionally, Vanessa has specialized experience in working with individuals struggling with emotional eating and obesity related issues. Vanessa is currently working with the Personal Care Network's obesity clinic in Spruce Grove, Alberta. 


On an interesting note, Vanessa was born and raised in St. Johns, Newfoundland. This experience allowed her to recognize the importance of culture and balance in her life. As such, she is looking forward to helping others find their way back to their own sense of belonging and overall wellness.