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Practical Tools for Childhood Worries

Meet Zen Zep, our Frog Friend - he lives in Zen Den. 

The Zen Den is the place we go when we feel anxious or scared. It is a place full of tools that help us to feel better quicker and deal with whatever worries us. It is an anxiety reduction program, aimed at helping children in Grades 1 to 5 learn practical coping skills for their anxieties (self-regulation). It is designed to help children learn how to self-regulate by building the necessary skills to identify when they or someone around them is feeling anxious, to understand or empathize and ways to reduce the anxiety to a more manageable level. It incorporates several ways to become more mindful in the present moment.

Currently, the Parkland School Division has contracted this program to be facilitated within some of their schools. Children are selected for this program based upon the need for practical coping strategies for worry. However, Zen Den is a program that would benefit most, if not all children, as we all have some degree of worry and we could all sharpen our "worry tools".

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Zen Den on an individual basis, or within your school or program.

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