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Chrissi Stribling

Registered Psychologist

Chrissi believes in creating a comfortable, safe, and collaborative environment for clients to reflect, explore and change. She believes that clients have the strength, resiliency, and resources to work through life's challenges and that everyone has the ability to improve their insight, awareness, and overall health. Although Chrissi uses an integrative approach to help ensure successful, fitting interventions with clients, her foundations are in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Trauma Based Interventions.

Chrissi also provides adult and child assessments and consultation services in:

  • Cognitive/intellectual ability: giftedness, challenges with processing verbal and visual information, memory

  • Academic ability: achievement levels in reading, math and writing

  • Social and emotional functioning: anxiety, social concerns, depression

  • Behaviour: inattention, anger, impulsivity

  • Autism assessments

Assessments can answer a wide range of questions, including whether an adult or child has a learning disability, requires specialized learning supports, or is impacted by anxiety or sensory challenges.

Chrissi specializes in

Assessments for adults, children. Contact us for more information about bookings. 

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